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Lights And Lines

Hold On EP

by 1 in Five

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Blood red skies, rain forgotten lies Dark affliction, crying your salvation Jesus was lying, so you do the dying Old addiction, has been our deception The golden virgins look withdrawn The gates won’t open this side of dawn There’s something in the water And it’s coming after you There’s something in the water Watch out it don’t swallow you So back to black, no time to attack Your last obligation, is total annihilation
Black Lake 04:12
Can you feel it? Black lake Can you feel it? Black lake Rising Silver serpent, coiling around my doubt Flee from the scales don’t let the venom out Red skies swarming out ahead, its gonna bring me down Tread carefully around the temple, can’t make a sound No. no Dark washes flow within my brain Devils brides are gonna keep me insane So don’t come close to the water’s edge, you may slip and drown These tides are pulling me Pulling me down Possession is the new god all hail what he may bring Don’t matter what the cost just bring me the fuckin thing The machine grinds faster spitting out blood and bone And its your life that it wants, so give up all your hope But there ain’t no door that lead you out from this show Just a big black wave coming and its swallows all you know
Hold On 03:53
I wonder what the future holds When it’s always black Let’s feed the machine with the lies That hold us back And watch the world we know Fall gently to the ground Dissention in the ranks shouting Peace without a sound And war will be the child That can never be satisfied Holding back the tears yeah Was always telling lies Politics and poison Rushing through the human race Decadence and depravity Smiling from the lifeless face So hold on You’ve got to be the one Who’s staring at the sun You’ve got to stand so tall Unbind us from the wall Propaganda is the wine That grows rotten on the vine Fed to us by the media Now we’re drunk and going blind Compassion has nearly faded And apathy replaces rage The leaders of this world breed madness For your disgrace Unbind us from it all......
Lullaby 03:59
I’m a blind man in a darkened room Looking for a black cat that really wasn’t there I’m an aeroplane, flying without wings Heading back to a place that I’d never been But when the water flows and your madness grows Spinning round and round again And black is white and you’ve lost your sight When the levee breaks, when the levee breaks This is the time, this is the time for a lullaby Gonna make it home if we try I’m a winding road that runs dead straight That takes you back before you even started out (Will we ever make it? Will we ever make this lullaby?)


In 2013 a group of friends got together to form a rock n roll band and started working on their debut EP. By the time they came to release it the following summer the world had started to go a bit crazy...

The number of unique users visiting YouTube every month had now reached 1 billion for the first time, and with it came the explosion of the internet conspiracy theorist. Wars in South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and other oil rich countries continued. And a man who once had sex with a dead pig was still the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

When we wrote Hold On we wanted to tell stories about the world as it was then. We had young kids, new relationships, and new jobs - but we wanted to document what was going on around us and the context that those things were happening in rather than talk about ourselves.

Beyond that we obsessed over tone, we wanted to be characterized by howling guitars & thundering vocals. We wrote hook filled melodies to fill dark spaces, and soaked everything in reverb. We knew a bit about production but not much, we learned new things and tried to be creative.

We also made conscious choices to include accidental and found sounds like the band talking in between takes, doors closing, and crowd recordings from gigs. There even a stock air raid siren in there to add a bit of drama!

In this strange new world where MySpace had died and streaming wasn't ready to replace downloads just yet the band decided to give their debut to the world for free, at first as a free download through their website, and subsequently through Bandcamp.

Songs from the EP went on to be played on over 250 radio stations worldwide.

“Hold On is packed full of electrifying melodies"
– Oceanic Blue

“Bold, melodic, and full of awesome grunge style rock music with a modern twist"
– Music Vs The World


released July 18, 2014

All songs copyright 1 in Five


all rights reserved



1 in Five Brighton, UK

Proper rock n roll band. Songs about corruption, climate change, & social injustice. We'll be releasing our 1st full length album, Welcome Amnesia, very soon.


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